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Support requests are as unique as the customers who make them, but there are categories that regularly come up, so you may find that your requirement falls into one of those below.  If you are not sure, then contact us anyway and we can help you to make sense of all the terminology.

We will give you a professional and friendly service.

Install new equipment

From unboxing the equipment (where do all those leads go?) to having it all neat on your desk and switched on, we can be there to give you added confidence.

Set up Internet connection and email

Sometimes this can go swimmingly, but at other times the instructions you have from your Internet Service Provider just seem completely foreign to you.  And you don’t find the support line any more helpful, or you just don’t like call centres.  If you are stuck in the mire, contact us and we'll come and help you out.

Telephone lines and extensions

This will often be an integral part of the setting up of your Internet connection.  The main domestic telephone providers will only provide a basic service of installing a line to your premises and making the main telephone point work.  Any other work is chargeable, and can cost quite a lot.  We can help with minor works like sorting out extensions that don't work, etc. 

The telephone provider has the exclusive right and responsibility to perform all work and repairs on the line into your building, but if you aren't sure where the responsibility lies, we will assess it without charge so that you can decide who to call.  You can email us for advice or call us.

Telephone line faults

Our unfortunate experience has been that telephone providers are not always responsive when we've had a fault that degrades the service without making it fail completely – for example, when the instruments don’t always ring properly.  Intermittent faults that come and go (for example during wet weather) are the hardest to find.  In the worst case we have had a provider assure us that our line was working when we knew that it wasn’t, and warning us that there would be a big call-out charge if their engineers found nothing wrong (after we insisted, they did find the fault).  This can be intimidating for the non-technical customer, so if you are having similar problems, we can assess the fault ourselves and speak to the provider on your behalf.

Getting started

You have all of your equipment ready to go, but you would appreciate some help with that vital first hour or two.  Perhaps you need some pointers to get you familiar with a few of the basics of what you want to do with your new computer.  We can give you a hand to start out with standard office and Internet functions and getting your printers, cameras and scanners working.

Set up a network

A home network can be a challenge the first time.  A simple wireless setup is often adequate at home, but we can also help you select and install a wired system and be on hand to assist with getting it all working.  You might be wanting a wired network connection for a PC, or additional wireless access points if you have a large area to cover.  Whatever your level of expertise, we can assist if you come up against a problem.

Set up shared computers

You may want several people to share the same computer, but not be able to interfere with each other’s email.  That’s what computers are for, and it’s easy to do if you know the right questions to ask.  If you are having difficulty, ask us to help and we will soon have you doing it with confidence.


If you make any sort of worthwhile use of a computer, you will accumulate valuable data.  Safety copies of your data are vital for the time when (not if) something goes wrong.  We can help you to find a cost-effective way to safeguard your data, and do it effectively.

This subject is so important that it has its own page.

Repairs and upgrades

As a support company we order parts as they are needed rather than holding stock, so we will visit you to assess the problem and sometimes fix it on the spot, or provide a collect and return service.  The most common repairs are fans, power supplies and failed or upgraded hard disks (there is a reason why most hard disks come with a three year guarantee).  We can often help you to recover lost data, but your only sure protection is your backups.

Replacement machine or hard disk

We can help you to move your data safely from your old PC or disk to a new one.  If you haven't a backup plan, this is also a good moment to create one.  You can buy hard disk upgrades in the High Street, but if you prefer to pay a professional to do the fitting we can probably provide the same part a little more cheaply too.


Identity theft and the security of personal information is a big issue today.  You may be concerned about making sure your sensitive data are securely deleted before you dispose of old equipment.  We can advise you or come along and do the work.

Sealand is very pleased to be a supporter of the Open Document Foundation, Linux Mint, and the Lancing and Sompting Churches’ Food Bank.

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