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Terms of use


It is de rigeur for Web sites to have terms of use that are supposedly binding on you when you stumble across the pages that they’ve deliberately put on the Web for the whole world to read.  Take a look at Hewlett-Packard’s if you want to see a corker.  So we thought we should join the big boys and have some terms of our own.

Our terms

Welcome to Sealand’s Web site.  Please be respectful and obey the law.  We hope you’ll look around and read stuff, and click on anything you like.  We couldn’t stop you anyway.  In fact we actually pay Ionos to keep the site here so that you can do so, and we hope it will bring us business; but there’s no hidden catch.  And, by the way, we don’t use cookies – not that they’re evil, but like kitchen knives they can be misused, so now some countries have laws against using them without telling folk.  But we do use Google Analytics, because if we don’t, we get nagging emails from SEOs telling us that we should.

Links to external sites

The designed purpose of the World Wide Web is to allow pages to link to each other, and that is what gives the Web a great deal of its value.  So our site has various links that point to other Web pages that are outside our control.  When we created those links, we did it with good reason and in good faith, but there is nothing to prevent the contents of those external pages changing and unless we keep checking we are unlikely to know.

So if you find that we are linking to a page that has gone away or, even worse, turned into something nasty, please do let us know.


If you like what you see, please tell other people.  If you like the way we’ve expressed something, please feel free to say the same thing yourself.  But take note of our copyright notices at the foot of each page; these also give the dates for the site, including when each page was last updated.

We just ask that if you copy some of our text onto your own web page, or anywhere else electronic or physical, you give us an acknowledgement – that’s only fair.  A link to our home page, or to the page where you found the text, would be nice.  Yes, unlike some sites (we don’t understand them either) we’d actually welcome your linking to us; this is the purpose of the World Wide Web.  Just don’t link to our content inside a frame to make it look as if it’s yours – that’s cheating.

Our pages have been captured since 2012 by the Internet Archive at which you can use to find changes that were made, and we can use to confirm that the content is ours.

Doing business with us

If, after looking around, you want to do business with us, you’ll probably be interested in reading the small print that will give you an idea about how we deal with clients.  It’s pretty standard, and it’s there for your reassurance and ours.


We’re pretty obsessive about getting things right, so please check what we say against other sources; and if you ever find that we’re wrong, please tell us.

Thank you

Sealand is very pleased to be a supporter of the Open Document Foundation, Linux Mint, and the Lancing and Sompting Churches’ Food Bank.

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