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You will have a clear idea of where you want to take you business, but if your expertise is not in the area of IT, we can give you the right support.  If your specific needs are not addressed below, please contact us with an outline of your requirements.

Please talk to us about business support for:

  • Setting up business email with a managed server or your own server
  • PCs and servers running Windows systems
  • PCs and servers running Linux systems
  • Unix and Solaris servers
  • Novell Netware servers
  • Local area and Wide area networking, including hubs, switches, routers, firewalls and cabling
  • VLANs and VPNs
  • A number of programming languages
  • Both hardware and software issues
  • Minor telephone works

We will give you a professional and friendly service.


We can assist you in planning an installation and procuring the right equipment.

Minor internal telephone works

We will advise or assist with any minor works that are on the customer’s side of your telephone provider’s network termination point.  We can also liase with telephone providers if you wish.

We can help with planning and installing of telephone extensions (but we don’t do extensive cabling works), or tidying up existing extensions when you take over a new building.  If you want to install a small-office PABX, up to about eight extensions, then we could also assist.  If you have a requirement for a large PABX, or extensive works, we would advise that you approach a specialist communications provider and obtain a contract with guaranteed maintenance cover.

Setting to work

You have all of your equipment ready to go, but you would appreciate some help getting your most vital functions working your way.  Discuss your requirements with us, and we can work alongside you to smooth out your workflow from the start.

Network configuration

Whether you are planning your initial network installation or performing moves and additions, we can give you advice in advance, help you to select and buy the right equipment (including cables, etc.) and then be on hand to assist with getting it all working together.  Wireless networking as well.

When you are expanding an existing network, we can help you to plan to carry out the work with the mimimum of disruption.  If your network is larger, we can help you to plan and configure VLANs to segregate your traffic.


We can help you to move with all of your data to a different system, typically during a business move or when upgrading an entire system.  If it is looking complicated, we can help you to make a robust plan and carry it out, and we can arrange to work out of office hours.


When you replace equipment, as well as concerns about migrating all of your data to your new system you may also be concerned about disposing of the old equipment and especially making sure commercially sensitive data are deleted.  We can advise you or perform the work for you.

Multiple email accounts

If you want to use different email addresses for various purposes, but manage them centrally, we can discuss your options and help you to set up a system that suits you.


Loss of data is one of the biggest disasters that a business can face.  We can help you to select the most cost-effective backup solution and set up a regime commensurate with the value of your data.

Please also look at our more detailed backup page.

Repairs and upgrades

We will collect and return, or carry out repairs on site.  As we only procure parts as they are needed, this will usually involve an initial visit to assess the requirement.

Disaster support

Whatever the disaster, we can work with you to get you back to normal a bit faster, get new equipment set up if necessary and restore all the data from your backups – you did have those, didn’t you?

We can sometimes help you to recover data from disks that are giving trouble but we cannot do magic;  the companies that can, charge a lot more than we do but if you really need their help (and at their charges you have to need it badly) we can help you to find them and liaise with them.

Ad hoc and out of hours support

Local business relationships are important to us.  Offering services suitable for the small to medium enterprise, we are happy to arrange work out of normal business hours for clients who either are unable to deal with us during the business day, or in situations where installation or configuration work needs to be done overnight.  Please call or email us to discuss your needs.

Sealand is very pleased to be a supporter of the Open Document Foundation, Linux Mint, and the Lancing and Sompting Churches’ Food Bank.

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