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Terms of business

We are always ready to negotiate terms and draw up specific contracts (see a specimen contract below), but the standard terms here cover most circumstances in which we do business, and we update and add sections as the need arises.  The general Terms of business – are printed on the reverse of our invoices, and can also be read in ISO/IEC 26300 (OpenDocument) and PDF formats.

Payment terms

UK law mandates interest and late payment charges on business contracts.  These apply even if they are not written into contracts, and cannot be voided unless there is an explicit alternative in the contract.  In the interests of not having hidden charges, our invoices include explicit fixed interest terms.

Travel and subsistence

This section expands upon the brief outline in the general terms, and covers the specifics of particular situations, including extraordinary travel disbursements made on behalf of clients.

Intellectual property

Refer to this page, and the IP clauses in our specimen contract, to see how we safeguard clients' data and give them freedom to use the documents that we produce while protecting our own IP.

Fair dealing with agents

We obtain much of our business through agencies, and we will deal fairly with them.  Dealing with multiple agencies sometimes has its complications, and this page shows how we try to keep the playing field level.


Sealand is a consultancy providing services to clients.  IR35 is a set of rules governing the conduct of individuals who work under the control of long-term employers while pretending to be independent contractors – HMRC refers to this as “disguised employment”.  In enforcing these rules, it is inevitable that small businesses like Sealand can be mistakenly targetted;  our IR35 note clarifies how our services are provided, documenting our relationship with clients.  Also available in Word or ISO/IEC 26300 (OpenDocument) or PDF.

Specimen contract

This is a sample of the sort of contract that can be drawn up.  It is a redacted copy of a past contract, and is informative because it contains examples of elements that are not needed in every contract.  For example it covers the two cases of requested travel by a Sealand employee on behalf of the client, and regular travel to attend the client's premises.  It also mentions the terms under which a Sealand employee would represent a client to its customers and makes explicit some Intellectual Property issues.

Sealand is very pleased to be a supporter of the Open Document Foundation, Linux Mint, and the Lancing and Sompting Churches’ Food Bank.

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